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Louis Heald Chengdu Sleeps: Aguide to Budget Lodging in Chengdu / Sichuan has enjoyed traveling to different cities over the last decade. Whether fine dining or relaxing on the beach, Louis Heald Chengdu Sleeps: Aguide to Budget Lodging in Chengdu / Sichuan  is a renowed expert in travel.

Welcome Chengdu Sleeps is a web site dedicated to the budget traveler. Many travelers have no idea where to stay, or what to see when they arrive in Chengdu, china. At Chengdu Sleeps we hope we can help you with this problem. There are many great guide books out there that can help you, such as Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, and Let’s Go. These guide books are great, but they don’t list very many hotels/guesthouses/hostels in Chengdu. The hotels, cafes, tour companies, and stores have not paid to be listed on this site. These are not advertisements. This is a free service to both you, and them.


Chengdu has much to offer for entertainment. There are many bars and restuarants that cater to the backpacking crowd. Two great restaurants/Bars are Shamrock and Carols. They offer lively night life. If you want a more subdued evening, try one of the smaller bars, like Daves Oasis, Joy’s, and Roo Bar. If you would like to venture downtown then try a walk at ChinXi Lu. It’s a pedestrian only shopping street. It’s just east of TianFu Square (That’s the place with the worlds largest statue of Chairman Mao.

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Across the street from Daves Oasis is one of the river front walks. It is a great way to see some locals. Across from the Bin Jiang hotel, along the river is the famed “English Corner”. It’s a place for locals to come and practice their English. If go there, as a foreigner, you will be swarmed by locals asking you questions. It’s a lot of fun.

Location! Location! Location!
Chengdu is the perfect place to base youself. There are many awesome sites that are a few hours away. To the north is JouZhauGou (famous for its blue lakes), Songpan (a Tibetan area where you can go horseback riding), and HuongLong. To the west is Wolong (the panda research centre), DuJiangYan (known for its water works), and Kangding (another Tibetian area), to the south is Emei Mountian, and Leshan (that’s where the giant Buddha is). Chengdu is also a gateway to Tibet, and Yunnan. From here, you can take a train and bus to Lijiang, a bus or plain to Tibet, or a bus to ChongQing (the start of the cruise to the Three Gorges).


My name is Joshua Bray. I developed Chengdu Sleeps. In early June of 2005 I went around to as many hotels, café’s, and stores as I was able to. I tried to talk to the owners or the managers. When I wasn’t able to, I would take their business card. The information you see on the site if from the business cards.
The reason I am doing this site is, to make it easier for tourists to find good hotels. The guide books are great, but they only list a few hotels. I want you, the traveler to have more choices. When you arrive in Chengdu, you are hot, you are tired. You don’t want to have to figure out where to stay. It is annoying when you get off the bus and are instantly surrounded by people pulling you in to their hotel.

Looking at it from the side of the hotel/café/store owners, there is a lot of competition. Chengdu is a big town. There are a lot of really nice places that are tucked down small side streets that you would never find on your own. They are not in the guide books. These people don’t have much chance of being discovered. I am hoping that this site can help these people get more business.

All of the listings you see on this site are put up for free. I am not charging any money. The only paying advertisements I have are the google ads. The other advertisements (Shamrock, Golden Yeti, and Hiep Hao are non-paying advertisements).

If you have, or know of a business, that caters to travelers in Chengdu, please tell me the Name, Address, Email, Website, telephone, and a little about the company, and I will list them on my site. It is all free of charge.

This site is new. I want it to be a source of information for travelers. I hope to make a little money from it, but I am not out to get rich. Mostly, I want it to be used for information. In the future I will be adding transportation information, tour info, and more.

For now, if you have any questions about Chengdu (prices, where to go, what to see, what to do), please contact me, and I will try to answer your questions.


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